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Discover how hydraulic and erosion control products worked for a project in Lagos, Nigeria.


Maccaferri Nigeria supplied hydraulic and erosion control solution consisting of Gabion and Reno Matresses for a project in Lagos, Nigeria

A deep, broad and slow moving river, has been eroding over a period of years, thus creating a future risk to the land and adjacent an asphalt road. The road is the main entrance to a large oil company and it is also the main access road for pedestrians and vehicles to Lekki, on Victoria Island in Lagos.

The Consultant Emplan assessed the risks involved and proposed a shoreline protection solution to arrest the damage and prevent further erosion which would endanger the integrity of the road. Following analysis, the consultant decided to use Maccaferri products (Reno mattresses) to avoid the scouring of the riverbed and also specified double twisted mesh Gabion to create a retaining wall to prevent erosion and prevent further collapse of the road embankment. While the extension may be a necessity in the future, the solution was designed to measure 150m ( alongside the embankment).

The design process addressed the project requirements:

  • the integrity of the road was secured by creating a gabion wall
  • hydraulic erosion caused by the flow was countered by the use of Reno mattresses
  • wash-out of fine material from behind the gabion wall and beneath the Reno Mattress protection was prevented by the use of a filtration geotextile.
  • The textile was specified to provide long term filtration performance and not to become clogged with fine particles.
  • The double twist hexagonal steel wire mesh specified was heavily galvanized and additionally coated with polymer to provide a durable unit.
  • Finally, the Gabion and Reno mattress solution were a far more cost effective than a sheet pile solution.

The solution proved highly beneficial as rock fill, which was the bulk of materials used, were sourced from a local quarry and the imported backfill soil was sourced from a local supplier, which reduced the project cost. Sourcing materials from the locality reduced the costs of the solution as well as the carbon footprint-less materials transported. Ultimately, Maccaferri’s solution was effective in arresting erosion and preventing further damage, thereby protecting the shoreline, of a major road and entrance to a prominent company.

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