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Coastal Protection at Ugborodo Community, Delta State Enters Phase 2


Our sand-filled MacTubes were installed to create a breakwater against erosion

Our project to protect the Ugborodo shoreline in the Delta State of Nigeria against erosion and tidal flooding has entered its Phase 2. Our MacTube® tubular geotextile containers have been installed to create a breakwater and restore a beach along the shoreline.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) were looking for a solution to address the problem of erosion at the Ugborodo community, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Escravos River in Warri South West, Local Government Area of Delta State. The area is frequently affected by flooding at high ocean tides and rainfall peaks, forcing the locals to abandon their homes and farmlands for higher ground. Furthermore, when the tide recedes, the land is eroded into the ocean, endangering dwellings, farmland and public utilities.

We designed a revetment solution combining our traditional hydraulic works and erosion protection product Reno Mattress® with our innovative geotextile tube MacTube® to create detached breakwaters.

During Phase 1, parts of the shoreline, which were not affected by intense wave action, were protected from erosion with our Reno Mattresses. For Phase 2, to protect those parts of the shoreline under intense wave action, MacTube® breakwaters were installed to reduce wave intensity and Reno Mattresses to tackle the problem of erosion.

The installation of MacTube® was particularly challenging because of the tidal cycles. In fact, the work had to be carried out mostly at night when the tide was low. The majority of MacTube® projects are able to use local sand/silty material in a slurry, which is pumped into the tube. However, on this project a suitable fill material not immediately available locally and a suitable fill was imported. The slurried sand MacTube® is separated by the geotextile walls of the tube; the water drains through the walls, leaving the solid particles inside to form the breakwater core.

The Ugborodo community is now well protected and the beaches are starting to regenerate along the shoreline as a result of the revetments installed.

For further information, please download our case history.


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