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New Terramesh Wall in Cyprus is under construction


Maccaferri’s innovative Terramesh and Paragrid “Paramesh” System is growing worldwide.

We are proud to inform you about the new “Stelios Ioannou Library” project Paramesh System, currently under construction in Nicosia, Cyprus. The design was developed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel. The project covers an area of 15.700 m2 and started in October 2011. Maccaferri Hellas was contacted for the design, supply and construction assistance of the artificial hill which had to be constructed.

Thanks to the wide range of retaining wall solutions offered by Maccaferri, the ParaMesh system (Terramesh with primary Paragrid soil reinforcement) was selected for the project as it provides unrivalled advantages in the outskirts of the city, with heavily imposed loading conditions.

Typically, ParaMesh is a composite soil reinforcement system used with different types of soil reinforcement. Maccaferri products in this project are:

1. Terramesh system, which forms the facing elements with the aesthetic features of the gabions (fascia system and secondary geogrid reinforcement)

2. Paragrid 100, a high strength polyester geogrid (primary reinforcement).

The design of the project considered the advantages arising from the bioclimatic approach, dictated by the principles of energy saving.

The Library is located northeast of the first zone of the campus as defined by the spatial plan of 1998 which includes Central Government buildings, social activities areas and the Cultural Centre.

For more information about this project contact Maccaferri Hellas.

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