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New Case History on Italy’s A1 Highway “Variante di valico”

Maccaferri Valico Bologna Firenze

A new CH related to the italian big project has been created.

Opened on December 2015 by Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, this important new transportation infrastructure of the A1 Highway will improve safety, reduce congestion and journey times through the Apennines between Bologna and Florence.

Proposed in 2001, the “Variante di Valico” is a new 58-km long A1 section featuring 23 viaducts and 22 tunnels. Maccaferri provided its soil reinforcement solutions to unstable ground around tunnel portals on the ‘Lot 12’ area of the work between Poggiolino and Aglio exits.

A Case History useful to learn more about this important Italian Infrastructure project, and how Maccaferri helped out, has been published. Using our Green Terramesh soil reinforcement systems allowed the contractor to save time in the installation and to provide a green, vegetated finish to the steep slopes above and around the tunnel portals.

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