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Our Reno Mattress Helps Upgrading Work at Water Treatment Plant at Labohan Dagang, Selangor


Our product has been used as protection for pond lining at the plant

The water supply by the Selangor Water Works to Kuala Langat District, Selangor have become insufficient due to increase of development for the past years. The construction of the new water treatment plant Labohan Dagang aimed at ensuring sufficient water distribution throughout Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Maccaferri have worked together with the consultant on the design of the project and Reno Mattress was found most suitable to be used as a pond lining protection for the treatment plant.

The Selangor Water Works supplies water to the state of Selangor as well as the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya in Malaysia. The raw water is sourced mostly from surface water collected by several dams as well as rivers and treated at a nearby water treatment plant.

However, due to excessive development in Klang valley and several other districts, water distribution has become insufficient and the number of water disruption incidents has increased. As a result, the Selangor State Government has initiated the construction of a new Labohan Dagang Water Treatment Plant Project in order to ensure smooth water supply in Selangor.

Because of our wealth of experience in Coastal and River Control Works, we have been called in to work closely with the consultant during the design stage and the designers have concluded that Maccaferri Reno Mattress is the most suitable product to be used as lining protection for the water retention pond.

Reno Mattresses are cages that are delivered in flat-packs and made out of double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh that is filled with suitable stones on site to form monolithic structures.

Covering and area of over 150,000 meters square, our expertise has worked hand-in-hand with the contractor to ensure the efficiency of the installation.

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