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Slope upgrade improves the look of the campus at the premier UiTM Raub university, Pahang


Terramesh® was used to solve a slope failure that flushed soil down to a campus lake

We provided our Terramesh® System to solve a slope failure that took place at the Raub Campus of the University of Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Pahang. The slope failed along the campus lake after a series of consecutive heavy downpours. Soil and mud from the slope were flushed down creating the need for aesthetic improvements. On top of that, the slope beside the lake was getting worse by the day as an increasing amount of soil was washed away.

University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Raub Campus is a premier university of outstanding scholarship and academic excellence in Malaysia.

The UiTM Raub Campus was built by the Private Financial Initiative (PFI) in the year of 2015 and is located at Mukim Gali, at the centre of the Raub District, Pahang. One of the lakes inside the campus was recently facing a slope failure due to consecutive heavy downpour events. The soft soils and muds caused the washed-out slope to fail. The management of the UiTM Raub Campus felt the view of the failure needed improvements and decided to engage a consultant to find solutions.

We were asked to propose a system to deal with the problem. After a thorough investigation, the Terramesh® System was applied as a retaining structure to the slope. With its practicality and reliability, the Terramesh® soil reinforcement system combined with our non-woven geotextiles provided a natural and aesthetic look to the slope. The rockfill at the façade of the retaining structure now blends in with the surrounding natural environment. The 1,500-metre square project took approximately two months to complete.

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