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Timah Tasoh Reservoir, Perlis, Malaysia resolved using Maccarerri Rockfall Steelgrid MO


Rockfall Steelgrid MO was used during the construction of a flood-bypass system used for agribusiness purposes.

Maccaferri Malaysia designed a Steelgrid MO system for the purposed of rock surface protection. The work stands out as the first Agribusiness project of the year. The client, JPS Kangar was happy with how easy to install and cost efficient the Steelgrid MO solution turned out to be.

The Timah Tasoh Reservoir is located on the Northern tip of Malaysia near the Thailand border. It is one of the most important water storage structure in the Perlis state. This reservoir that was completed in 1992, has a total surface area of 13.33 km2 with a storage capacity of about 40 million m3. The reservoir’s water source comes from two main rivers: The Tasoh River and the Pelarit River.

Combined, both have a catchment area that totals 191 km2 and is capable of supplying approximately 97 million m3 of water into the reservoir annually. One of the reservoir’s main purposes is to create a water supply system for agricultural use—i.e. for the cultivation of paddies, domestic drinking water and irrigation purposes. It also acts to control and mitigate flooding during the rainy seasons. The Timah Tasoh West Flood Diversion Project serves to mitigate the flooding issues in Northern Perlis.

The project involves the construction of flood-bypass canals and a limestone tunnel measuring 756 in length. The flood-bypass canals will ease the water discharge during heavy rains. Overflow water from the reservoir will be diverted from the flood-bypass canals to Perlis River and finally to the Straits of Malacca.

This will also benefit the farming industry because the diverted overflow water can be used for agricultural purposes. Maccaferri was involved in this Agribusiness project during the construction of the flood-bypass canal along Kampung Wai near Kuala Perlis. The canal cuts through a hill where it eventually encounters a double sided rock slope along the canal passageway. Loose and fractured rock on the slope could damage the canal if not protected.
Maccaferri aided the client, JPS Kangar by designing a solution using Maccaferri Steelgrid MO. Steelgrid MO is easy to install and effective for the protection of the canal from rock hazards. Now, the rock surface is stabilized and provides a safe access along the canal.

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