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Road and Slope works in Kg. Baru Rompin, Jempol, Negeri Sembilan

Terramesh Wall System

Maccaferri Terramesh® System for Erosion Control

The Jempol is the largest district in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. This district shares the borders with other Malaysian states of Pahang to the northeast and Johor to the east. One of the main routes of Kampung Baru Rompin in Jempol was facing a high erosion problem due to heavy rainfall. There was a requirement for a solution that could help prevent erosion. As a result, Maccaferri proposed to the public works department of Jempol our environmentally friendly and flexible Terramesh® wall system as a solution to this problem.

The Jempol District which is the largest district in the Malaysian state on Negeri Sembilan played an important role as a meeting point of Muar and Serting Rivers since ancient times. It connects trade posts west of the peninsula Malaysia with population centers in the east coast and vice versa. The main route of Kampung Baru Rompin in Jempol was facing a problem of slope erosion especially during the heavy downpour. In order to prevent further more erosion Maccaferri Malaysia proposed Terramesh® system as it is environmentally friendly and a flexible system . Maccaferri renowned Terramesh® System is a modular system used to form rock faced reinforced soil walls which is also known as Mechanically Stabilized Earth embankments. The retaining structure was reinforced with geogrid in order to strengthen the eroded slope.

Maccaferri Malaysia has been working closely with the consultant during the design stage and they have concluded that the mechanically stabilize earth wall is found most suitable. Together with our new PoliMac® coating, this will enhance the durability of the cages as well as provide higher abrasion resistance. The project took approximately 3 months to complete.

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