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Green solution for Slope Erosion Works at Terendak Military Camp, Melaka


Our solutions used to blend protection against erosion with the natural environment

The Royal Malaysian Armed Forces intended to build an additional shooting range and upgrade the existing facilities at their Terendak Military Camp. Slope protection was the objective of this project; with a suitable solution to blend in with the natural environment. We provided all the information and data needed to fulfill the Forces’ needs after a thorough investigation. We proposed MacWeb and MacMat to prevent erosion affecting the surface of the shooting range.

The Royal Malaysian Armed Forces’ Terendak Camp was initially built to house the 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Group when they moved from North Malaysia in the 1960s. The camp is situated on the coast of the Melaka Straits, about 23 km north of the state capital of Melaka.

The client wanted to upgrade their existing camp as well as build an additional shooting range. They tried planting vegetation on their existing slopes, but this failed, and the erosion problem deepened after heavy downpours. The Royal Army Engineers Regiment, which is a Malaysian Army combat support unit, was seeking a solution, and the local authorities referred them to us.

We supplied rolls of MacWeb and MacMat to cater for both the camps’ new and existing shooting range. Their existing range was treated with our erosion control MacMat to encourage vegetation to grow consistently and to provide a more aesthetic and naturally green look.

MacWeb was used for the new range because certain areas on the slopes consist of a higher range of PH, which causes difficulties for vegetation to grow. Therefore, a total replacement was required using MacWeb, which is a versatile cellular containment system designed to deliver effective erosion control by stabilising layers of soil on slopes. Covering a total area of 600 metres square, we assisted the installation by the Royal Army Engineers with site supervision.

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