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Maccaferri’s Rockfall Protection Steelgrid HR features in Bukit Permai Project


Rockfall Protection using Steelgrid HR 30 and 100 is installed into the Malaysian Bukit Permai Project to protect drivers and residents.

Bukit Permai is a suburban area close to the city of Kuala Lumpur. As it is in the vicinity of the capital it has become a densely populated prime location. The township is equipped with schools, malls, condos, tourist attractions and is well connected with the state of the art highways. Rocky hill slopes can be seen in some areas; although breathtakingly majestic, they pose a safety threat to the populous.

The City Council, Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya, was looking for a rock fall solution as preventive measures against hazards stemming from these slopes. The area in question is an access road, surrounded by rock slopes as high as 50 meters. It is the main road leading to housing areas and therefore, a safe and reliable rock fall protection system is necessary. Due to rocks irregular surface, the uniting joint was deemed as unsuitable.

Maccaferri proposed Steelgrid HR 30 and 100 as a solution to the problem. Steelgrid HR is a patented, woven high resistance steel geo-composite mesh, with Class A Zinc coated ropes and wire. It offers life span expansion even in adverse conditions. Steel cables are woven integrally on the ‘double twist’ wire mesh at a precise spacing. Steelgrid HR 30’s wire rope is spaced at a 0.3m interval; whereas HR 100 is spaced at the 1.0m range. The hexagonal woven mesh where joints are formed by twisting each pair of wires through three half-turns (commonly known as double-twist), prevent unraveling. The steel ropes are inserted during the production process to form a cohesive and monolithic product.

The total area of this project is approximately 25,000 m2. Rolled Steelgrid HR is hauled to the top of the slope and unrolled down to the bottom. The top-end of the roll is looped over a 16mm diameter steel rope, connected to the top anchor. Accessories such as the HR-Link and HR-Grip are used to connect or join two panels together to reach desired width and length. The HR-Cap is capped at the wire rope end to ensure that the wire strands are kept in place, and it was extensively tested to secure a perfect fit. Steel plates are used to fasten the Steelgrids HR to the rock slope for better protection.

The accessories that are provided make the installation process user-friendly and faster.

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