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Our Rockfall Drapery System Protects Road Users in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


Our Steelgrid ® HR100 was installed on a 20 m high rocky slope

Our rockfall mitigation solutions were chosen for a rocky slope in the residential area of Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, where our Steelgrid® HR100, combining our high strength mesh with soil nailing, was installed to protect on the busiest roads of the area.

Rocky slopes can be a concern to public safety due to rockfall hazards, especially when they are close to busy roads or residential areas.

This issue needed to be addressed in Taman Bukit Cheras, a township located at the South-East of Kuala Lumpur. An 18 to 20 m high rocky slope skirts one of the busiest roads of the area, endangering the safety of road users. The local authorities asked us to provide a solution to prevent the detachment of loose rocks.

After thorough site investigation, our Steelgrid® HR100 was found to be the most suitable rockfall protection system for this site. It is a geocomposite netting consisting of high strength steel cables weaved longitudinally into wire mesh at 100 cm intervals. Hence, it increases the drapery stiffness as well as transferring the stress to connecting rock bolts and anchor plates.

This system is an engineered combination of both wire mesh and high tensile wire ropes which offers high stiffness and high tensile strength. Minor supervision was required as the installation was very straight forward and the adjacent rolls of mesh do not need to be overlapped thus saving time and cost. This made the installation easy and immediate for the contractor.

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