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Road Widening at Kampung Sabun, Simunjan


Maccaferri’s ParaLink for Road Stabilization

The renovation of the 9.43-km road from Batang Sadong Bridge to Kampung Sabun is timely. This because it will better serve not just people in Simunjan and Sebuyau areas, but also those from Samarahan who commute for work purposes and socio-economic activities. The road from Batang Sadong Bridge to Kampung Sabun, Simunjan is also frequently used by those from Samarahan to perform their official and socio-economic activities. The increasing traffic volume caused this road to be badly damaged over the years. Meanwhile, the frequent passage of heavy trucks further worsen the condition. It is believed that no proper treatment was given during the construction of the road. The client approached Maccaferri for solution and as a result, Maccaferri proposed our ParaLink and non-woven geotextile as a total basal reinforcement solution.

A project to upgrade and widen the road was realized in early 2021. The application of geogrid for road stabilization was introduced during the design stage of the road upgrading works. Maccaferri proposed Paralink 300 geogrid, which satisfy the requirements of design team to stabilize the road. Paralink helps to distribute the load evenly, which in turn help to reduce the damage and cracks to the road surface. It also complements the Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) technology used in this project, which allow the site reclaimed material to be reused. One of the difficulties faced during the installation is that 1 side of the road must be opened for public to travel. It caused some difficulties for the contractor to control the traffic flow and then lay the geogrid across the road. The geotextile then needs to be laid over the geogrid quickly and followed by the layer of aggregates to avoid the direct contact between Paralink and vehicles.

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