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Helping to replace a key bridge at Kuala Ketil, Kedah to boost one of the region’s major economic areas


Our Reno Mattress has been deployed to provide scour protection to the riverbank

Kuala Ketil is a small town in Kedah that is famous for its industrial estate. A bridge across the river here needed to be replaced with some upgrades as it was quite old. We supplied our Reno® Mattresses to protect the bridge embankment, which was exposed to surface erosion along the river. The simplicity of our whole system enabled the installation to be done effectively within the allocated time frame.

Kuala Ketil is also known as Kuala Ansotil to the locals. It is a small town about halfway between Sungai Petani and Baling, Kedah. It is one of the major economic areas in the Baling region and its main core business is industry, which includes construction businesses, a car dealership, and an insurance company. One of the bridges along the main road connecting Baling and Sungai Petani needed to be replaced with some rectification work along the river.

The Ministry of Works of Kedah has appointed us to investigate and provide a suitable solution. We supplied our Reno Mattresses to protect the bridge’s embankment from surface erosion. Our engineered double-twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh was delivered flat-packed to the project site and its simple installation process enables the contractor to complete the work in the time allocated.

Our Reno® Mattresses were also used for protecting the river banks, preventing erosion. We supplied a total of 494 PCS of our products.

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