The new Maccaferri Steelgrid® HR System is an innovative complete system for rockfall mitigation and slope consolidation works. It is used as a drapery or as a high stiffness (low extension) bolted facing when anticipated loads exceed the capability of traditional DT Mesh.

The Steelgrid® HR System combines a patented high strength steel wire mesh geocomposite which is used in conjunction with anchor plates, specific U-bolts and mesh connectors. Steelgrid® HR is a breakthrough in composite mesh technology offering high stiffness: high tensile strength at low strain and high punch resistance with low deformation.
This patented mesh is an engineered combination of double twist steel wire mesh and high tensile (1770N/ mm2) wire ropes in a single, easy to install, product.

Steelgrid® HR is available in a variety of strengths (up to 180kN/m tensile resistance and up to 155 kN/m for punch resistance), enabling designers to optimise solutions both technically and commercially.
The product is available in two levels of corrosion resistance:
– Steelgrid® HR: Mesh wires and ropes galvanised with GalMac® (Zn/Al) alloy Class A
– Steelgrid® HR-PVC: As Steelgrid® HR, but with an additional continuous polymer coating on mesh and ropes.

When site conditions are more aggressive (for example in some locations next to the sea), or the project demands a longer design life than that offered by the Class A GalMac® (Zn/Al) coating, PVC coated Steelgrid® HR is uniquely able to provide reliable long term performance.

Installation of Steelgrid® HR is straightforward; the adjacent lateral rolls of mesh do not need to be overlapped, reducing product wastage and saving installation cost and time compared to other meshes.


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