Geomat – MacMat® are made of synthetic material filaments, tangled together to form a highly deformable layer 10-20 mm thick, featured by a very high porosity (greater than 90% on average).

They can be used on slopes, along the banks of canals and river courses, or to convey liquids (drainage) in association with geotextiles and/or geomembranes.

The main applications are:

  • Superficial erosion protection caused by the impact of rain drops and rills
  • Lining of river banks with low water velocities


Macmat® is a geomat obtained by a polymer made three-dimensional extruded matrix.

MacMat® L

MacMat® L composites is a standard MacMat® geomat  jointed by an heat-bonding process to a reinforced membrane.

MacMat® R – Steel

Macmat® R is a reinforced geomat obtained by a polymer made three-dimensional matrix extruded onto a double twisted steel woven mesh.

MacMat® HS

MacMat HS is used for the most demanding slope face stabilisation applications which require a combination of erosion protection and surface stabilisation. It consists of a three-dimensional polymer matrix extruded onto a high-tensile steel cable reinforced mesh.


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