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Introducing an improved environmentally friendly polymer coating


PoliMac® is more durable and resistant for retaining walls projects

In order to meet the durability, performance and cost-efficiency demands of today’s civil engineering projects, we have developed PoliMac®, a more durable and environmentally friendly polymer coating material for the local market.

Maccaferri South East Asia Region’s Chief Executive Officer Ugo Castellotti said the coating is the result of our latest innovation, which was first introduced in 2018. He explained that the use of PoliMac® has received an overwhelming response due to its stronger resistance to chemical and ultraviolet (UV) pollution and increased resistance compared to the more traditional Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating: “PoliMac® is now available in the local market. Our manufacturing facility is in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, which has enough capacity to meet demand locally and in the South East Asia Region.

PoliMac® can be applied to all geotechnical engineering works such as slope reinforcement projects, river bank protection and retaining walls. We already have several projects that use PoliMac® in the country and we see a growing demand for this technology here,” Ugo told the people attending the product launch ceremony.”

According to Castellotti, the use of PoliMac® is also much more cost effective than PVC: “the price does not differ much from PVC but from a long-term perspective, it is much cheaper. This is because the life span of PoliMac® is longer and there is less risk of failure than with PVC, so maintenance becomes much easier, safe and does not require frequent replacement,” he said.

Meanwhile, our Technical Manager in Malaysia, Ir. Bryan Lee said, in addition, PoliMac® is environmentally friendly because its manufacturing process does not release toxic material to the environment, compared to PVC: “the PVC manufacturing process will generally produce phthalate, chlorine and heavy metal waste while PoliMac®’s production does not emit these three materials. We intend to completely change from PVC materials to PoliMac® in our projects as early as this year, except for projects already underway.

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