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Pavement Life Is Extended with Geotextiles


Our MacTex® woven and non-woven geotextiles are being used within the Tangkak-Muar road upgrade scheme, Johor

Geotextiles play an important role in the improvement of road sub-grades, providing filtration and separation as well as ground and soil stabilization for the pavement. Our MacTex® non-woven and woven high tensile strength geotextiles are currently being used for the upgrading works of the Tangkak-Muar road, Johor State. The works started in the 4th quarter of 2016 and should be completed this year.

When roads are constructed over soils of low bearing capacity, geotextiles play an important role: they provide separation to prevent the intermixing of natural soil with the aggregates; they also provide filtration, assisting dissipation of pore water pressure.

We recently supplied multiple rolls of MacTex® geotextiles as a solution to stabilize the soil for the upgrading works along the main route from Tangkak to Muar, in the Johor State.

Muar is the Royal Town of the Johor State. Tangkak is a major town in the North-Western part of the State and the second largest town in the district of Muar before it became an independent district.

The Ministry of Works intends to upgrade the route from 2 to 4 lanes to improve traffic flow and existing road conditions.

MacTex® N non-woven geotextiles are used as a separator to prevent contamination of road base, and as a filter to enhance drainage beneath the road formation, resulting in longer pavement life. MacTex® W2 woven geotextiles were supplied to provide reinforcement of the road base.

MacTex® N non-woven geotextiles are manufactured from virgin high tenacity polypropylene fibers needle punched together.

MacTex® W2 woven geotextiles are made from high tenacity polyester yarns woven together and are used to provide soil and ground stabilization functions for longer term applications.

Owing to our technical expertise, we can offer best-value ground improvement solutions: using our design software MacREAD we can optimise the relationship between geotextile (or geogrid) and sub-grade thickness to create cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions.

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