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New rural road connecting Kampung Bawong to Legap is protected from erosion hazards

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Our geomat MacMat 20 reinforced with Steelgrid MO combines erosion protection and superficial reinforcement

The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) has decided to develop the route connecting Kampung Bawong, home of many indigenous Malaysians known as Orang Asli, to the town of Legap in Sungai Siput. Along the road there are many steep slopes presenting slope stabilisation issues. Our geomat MacMat 20 reinforced with Steelgrid MO, was the best solution for this project as the combination provides erosion protection and superficial reinforcement.

Kampung Bawong is a town located not too far from Sungai Siput, Perak. It is a place in rural Malaysia where traditional healing systems are still in practice among the local indigenous people, especially the Orang Asli. Their name means ‘first people’ and they are considered to be the original natives of Peninsular Malaysia. There are about 150,000 Orang Asli of which 60% still live in the rainforest.

The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) assisted by the Department of Orang Asli Development is developing a route connecting Kampung Bawong to the main route of Sungai Siput. This route will also connect Kelantan, in the neighboring district of Gua Musang, to Kuala Kangsar in Sungai Siput. The road is mainly used by timber trucks. There are many major cut slopes located along the road which need to be protected from erosion.

Maccaferri had the opportunity to provide technical expertise and assistance from the very beginning of the project, during the design stage.

After evaluating the project site conditions, two problems needed to be addressed; local surface stability due to erosion and larger potential failures. We proposed our geomat MacMat 20, reinforced with Steelgrid MO, as an optimum solution for this project.

MacMat 20 is made of synthetic mono-filaments, tangled together to form a 20 mm thick highly flexible layer. MacMat has over 90% void volume enabling it to contain topsoil placed within its matrix. This prevents the wash off of soil and giving vegetation a better chance of growing. The deeper slumping failures were addressed with Steelgrid MO, our high tensile strength double twisted steel wire mesh. The Steelgrid will contain larger material falling from the slope, preventing it reaching the road below. It reinforces the MacMat, and together they combine erosion protection and surficial strengthening.

Five different slope areas for an estimated 8,000 m² were covered using this system. It took approximately one month to complete the project.

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