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MacGrid Geogrid and Gabion Wall combination reinforcement solve query in an Iron ore mine.

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Maccaferri Malaysia’s MacGrid Geogrid and Gabion Wall combination support hold the key to handling complicated geological condition’s in an Iron ore mining construction site.

The Vale Malaysia Minerals Sdn. Bhd. is a Brazilian pioneering mining company that provides the raw material for coins, cars, and computers manufacturing.

Due to their expansion, Vale is setting up a new regional iron ore distribution center and pellet plant located in Lumut, Perak.

This center is scheduled to operate in 2014. It is designed to handle 90 MTPA (Million Tons Per Annum) of Brazilian iron ore and will include port facilities to load and unload ore and pellets, stockyards and pelletizing compound. An access road was needed to transport materials between the stockyard areas.

The pellet plant in Teluk Rubiah is located on a mountainous terrain and adjacent to the coast of Straits of Malacca. Due to its geological condition, it is very hard to install a solution whereby land in leveled via the processes of cutting and filling. In light of this query, Maccaferri was contracted to install a reinforced earth wall.

The consultant in charge of the operation was Essar Engineering Services Division. This division is the expert in designing the reinforced earth wall. It was decided that the maximum retained height of the wall should be 13 meters with a length of 358 meters. The access road will be installed via constant pounding from transporting the heavy iron load. Therefore, the reinforced wall will not only have to be functional but robust enough to withstand heavy loading.

A combination of Gabion wall and MacGrid geogrid for reinforcement were used in order to properly install the solution.The geogrid tensile strengths used were 200kN/m and 300 kN/m, with vertical spacing at 0.5m. During construction, Maccaferri provided site and technical assistance to the consultant and contractor, to ensure proper installation.

Maccaferri’s MacGrid geogrid solution positively affected the project as it reduced cost, increased land availability for development and re-used on site materials (wherever possible). Also, the solution reduced construction land-use, and it eliminated the need to import environmentally expensive quarried materials.

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