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Our geotextiles used to build pond track for shrimp farm in Manjung, Perak


Maccaferri high strength woven geotexile used to wrap around the backfill sand material to prevent silt settling in the pond

Manjung is a district located in the southwestern part of Perak, Malaysia. The main economic sector in Manjung district is agriculture and it is currently contributing to the majority of the population’s employment. It is well known for its sea fishing and fish or shrimp farming as it plays an important role in the economic activities of the community. There are currently more than 300 ponds of shrimps in operation and the popular shrimp farming areas are located along the Dinding River, which is the major river in Manjung district.

Maccaferri recently supplied rolls of its high strength woven MacTex W2 geotexile to one shrimp farm construction project at Manjung. The client decided to use our high strength woven geotextile to wrap around with backfill sand material in order to form the pond track.

Our high strength woven geotexile is made of planar woven polyester and is extremely versatile. It is used to wrap around the track to form a structure around the pond. Due to sedimentation and settlement issue, the geotextiles are being used as ground and soil stabilization functions. A total of 12,000 metre square of geotextiles was being used to wrap around the pond track and it took approximately 3 months to complete the project.

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