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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Maccaferri mission?
Our mission is to become a leading international provider of advanced solutions to the civil, geotechnical and environmental construction markets.

2.  What has driven Maccaferri’s growth for more than 130 years?
Maccaferri is a continuous source of innovation applied to new applications and solutions. We do not simply sell products: we provide better solutions to always new challenges. From the invention of the Gabion till the most advanced applications of geosynthetics, we always strive to be the technical reference for complex projects.

3. What does Maccaferri do today?
In the last decade, we have extremely differentiated the business. Today we are not only known as the inventor of gabions for which we are the leader worldwide, but we have expanded and increased our expertise in different sectors from coastal protection to mining, from roads and pavements to rockfall protection including military and emergency works.

4. What are our “better solutions”?
Maccaferri’s motto is ‘Engineering a Better Solution’; We do not merely supply products, but work in partnership with our clients, offering technical expertise to deliver versatile, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions. We aim to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients through the quality of our service and solutions.

5. What are our top products?
Although the Gabion is Maccaferri historical product, for over 140 years we have broadened our range through a constant research, innovation and development. Nowadays, their range of products is extremely wider and cover all our applications. They do not only provide the most innovative products in the DT sector as Reno mattress, Terramesh, Rockfall protection mesh but they also produce a wide range of geosynthetics as Paraweb, MacTube and Paralink. All their state-of-art products are produced and thought in respect of the environment.

6. What are our advanced design solutions?
Maccaferri offers solutions including soil reinforcement, hydraulic works, rockfall mitigation, retaining structures and erosion protection within numerous market sectors. All their solutions are studied in order to satisfy clients needs and respect the environment. All the solutions aim to be complementary to the nature.

7. Are Maccaferri products tested and certified?
All the Maccaferri products are constantly tested. In October 2014 a new R&D centre was established in Belluno. The research and product development are at the base of the Maccaferri innovation and growth. Maccaferri products are certified CE and they are awarded by the most international representative bodies.

8. How does Maccaferri develop sustainable solutions?
We have been always including environmentally sound solutions to our applications and products, because we strongly believe that civil engineering’s best resource is nature.

9. How does Maccaferri differ from other material suppliers?
Engineering knowledge and a vertically integrated business distinguishes Maccaferri from its “competitor” material suppliers. No other company researches, manufactures, designs, supplies and installs the complete solution range offered by Maccaferri. Therefore Maccaferri is an integrated solution provider and does not simply supply construction materials. Providing materials is the final stage of a process that starts with identifying the engineering problems facing clients. Next is the appropriate selection of solutions considering the numerous needs of the client.

10. How can I get in touch with Maccaferri?
It is extremely easier to get in touch with Maccaferri. First of all, through their website, in the contact section you will be able to find all the main and direct contacts to all their subsidiaries worldwide. Secondly, there is our newsletter through which you will be always updated with the last Maccaferri news. Maccaferri will be glad to inform you periodically with all their main information.

11. What assistance can Maccaferri provide?
Maccaferri never leaves alone the client. The philosophy of Maccaferri is to build a tight relation with the client and assist it in all the different phase until the conclusion of the project. Maccaferri assist the client from the design including the choice of products to the supervision on the installation of the products.

12. Who are Maccaferri’s clients?
Maccaferi main clients are the construction company.

13. How is Maccaferri organized worldwide?
Maccaferri is an international company with a strong presence on all five continents. With nearly 30 factories, over 60 subsidiaries in more than 100 countries and over 2,700 colleagues, the company delivers global knowledge and capability at a local level.

14. How do I contact Investor Relations?
Investor Relations can be contacted easily through the corporate site in the Investor Relations area and at the email

15. When does Maccaferri’s fiscal year end?
December is the fiscal year end.


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