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Erosion Control works from Jalan Renggam to Ulu-Belitong, Kluang, Johor


Our versatile cellular soil containment system, MacWeb, is used to deliver erosion control on unstable roadside slopes

Landslides often threaten the safety of commuters along the busy road connecting Jalan Renggam to Ulu Belitong, in the Kluang District of Johor. We were able to provide a solution using our cellular soil containment system, MacWeb, to deliver effective erosion control to confine the slumping soil and prevent future landslides and surface erosion.

Jalan Kluang-Renggam is a major road in Johor. Landslides often occur along this route during heavy downpours, obstructing traffic and causing inconvenience to the locals.

The local authorities had already tried to grow vegetation on the slopes to consolidate the soil and prevent erosion. However, this attempt failed as the pH scale of the soil is less than 7 and not many types of vegetation are able to thrive in such acidic soil.

We were invited to provide a solution to prevent erosion control and proposed the use of our highly permeable and durable geosynthetic MacWeb, as the optimised solution.

MacWeb is a versatile cellular soil containment system mainly used to deliver erosion control by stabilizing layers of soil on slopes. MacWeb is easily transported to site in its collapsed form and is opened out on site and secured in place.

The cellular structure is made from a highly permeable and durable geosynthetic material which is easy to install and secure.

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