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Erosion control solution helps protect farming town of Kodiang


Our MacWeb solution provides soil stabilisation in erosion control application to protect village from landslides

Jalan Kepelu is the only road connecting the town of Kodiang, in the district of Kubang Pasu in Kedah, to Perlis. Running along the border between Perlis and Kedah, Jalan Kepelu is mainly surrounded by hills. Due to unsuitable soil conditions, the local authority finds it difficult to grow vegetation on the slopes which would normally help to consolidate the slopes and prevent erosion and landslides. After investigation, Maccaferri proposed MacWeb MWP-100 as the most suitable solution in order to maintain soil on the slopes and establish vegetation.

Kodiang is a town in the district of Kubang Pasu in Kedah, Malaysia. The name ‘Kodiang’ originates from the Siamese word “Kok Diang” which means Red Hill. This beautiful farming town is located not too far from Kampung Kubang Beruang, Perlis. Jalan Kepelu is the sole route connecting Kodiang and the State of Perlis and is mainly surrounded by hills and slopes.

The Authority JKR Kubang Pasu was having difficulty coping with the landslides that were occurring during the rainy season as plants were unable to grow due to unsuitable soil conditions. This was forcing road closures and causing inconvenience to the people in Kodiang.

After consideration, Maccaferri proposed MacWeb MWP-100 as the most suitable solution. MacWeb is a versatile cellular containment system designed to deliver effective erosion control by stabilizing layers of soil on slopes. Topsoil is placed into the web of 3-dimensional cells of MacWeb on the slope which confines it, and prevents it from slumping down the slope.

Limited access to the job site and the monsoon season, presented a challenge to the project.

However, MacWeb’s highly permeable and durable geosynthetic material means that it is quick to install and secure, and it could be easily transported to the site in its collapsed form and opened out on site and secured in place. This saved time and enabled the project to be completed to deadline.

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