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Development of the National Institute of Health (1NIH) for the Ministry of Health Malaysia


Maccaferri Terramesh Wall Systems were chosen for their flexibility and easy installation by one of the most reputable developers in Malaysia, SP Setia Berhad

Our Terramesh Wall modular systems are most commonly used to form rock faced reinforced soil walls (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments.

On taller slopes and structures, Terramesh systems can also be used in conjunction with other high-performance product ranges such as ParaLink, ParaGrid, and MacGrid WG geogrids. Terramesh wall systems further stand out for their flexibility and adaptability to different scenarios. Where Terramesh System has a harder rock-faced aesthetic, its sister product, Green Terramesh is designed to revegetate and provide a green, reinforced soil slope.

The National Institute of Health (1NIH) is an integrated health and research institute development funded by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. This complex is located in Bandar Setia Alam and consists of many institutions such as the Medical Research, Public Health, Health Management, Health Behavioral Research, etc. facility. Besides that, there are other shared facilities such as an auditorium, multipurpose halls, lecture halls, accommodations, etc.-. This compound was developed on 16.6ha of land, by one of the most reputable developers in Malaysia, SP Setia Berhad.

A Maccaferri team was deployed to the site to address a slope protection query found at one of the hills located dangerously near to a building– 2 meters away from the nearest column face. Given the proximity of the slope to the column face, the available construction work-area was a major concern. The client chose Maccaferri’s Terramesh Wall System due to its flexibility compared to other more rigid solutions. The highest wall stands at 12 meters high. Due to its height, our Engineers designed the solution using a combination of geogrids and Terramesh to form a more efficient hybrid structure.

The wall’s length measures about 200m. At the end of the wall, Green Terramesh was installed to harmonize with the green surroundings.

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