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Bridgeworks Over Soft Soil in Batu Kawan


Our MacTex® N geotextile is being used within the prestigious Second Penang Bridge project

Our MacTex® N non-woven geotextile was chosen for a prestigious bridgework project in Penang, the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge. The local authority is installing our geotextile for base improvement and to stabilize the soil on the bridge access road in Batu Kawan. The ground works are currently on going and the project should be completed within a couple of months.

The Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge is dual carriageway toll bridge which is also known as Second Penang Bridge. It connects Bandar Cassia of Batu Kawan in Seberang Perai on mainland Peninsular Malaysia with Batu Maung on Penang Island. The total length of the bridge is 24 km, with length over water at 16.9 km, making it the longest bridge in Malaysia and the longest in Southeast Asia.

The Batu Kawan area, where the road connecting to the Second Penang Bridge is being constructed, is renowned for its sugar cane, coconut, rubber and palm oil plantations. These soft soil conditions make soil stabilization crucial before any form of construction takes place, reducing bearing capacity failures and differential settlement.

Non-woven geotextiles are widely used in the foundations of paved and unpaved roads. Their high tenacity polypropylene fibres play an important role in the filtration and separation of the road base, where ground conditions are less than ideal.

We assisted the local authority in the ground improvement process by supplying quality MacTex® N non-woven geotextiles and providing proper installation guidelines. Considering the very low bearing capacity of the soil on the site, a quality granular base was laid on top of the MacTex® N geotextile, which plays a crucial role as a heavy-duty separator to withstand puncturing and tearing effects. By separating the quality granular rocks from the soft soils beneath, the textile prevents the fine soil particles from contaminating and weakening the quality granular construction materials above. This enables the granular materials to maintain their load bearing performance.

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