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Increase the use of Maccaferri’s gabion as architectural solutions


Gabions can be used for a myriad of different architectural solutions in different formats, shapes and sizes.

Maccaferri works continuously to find better solutions for its clients worldwide. Innovation and the sharing of knowledge form the pillars of Maccaferri’s’ research and development. Maccaferri prides itself in its highly-specialized designs and sophisticated solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets.

Recently, both architects and civil engineers have shown increasing interest in the use of gabions as cladding systems for buildings as well as for perimeter and acoustic walling solutions. Various reasons can be attributed to the success of gabions in the civil engineering sector;

  • Over time the quality of double twisted wire mesh gabion schemes has greatly improved as the manufacturing process is continually updated.
  • The types of recycling fill for gabions, such as crushed / recycled concrete of the appropriate performance, reduce the cost of fill materials.

Gabion features among the preferred and longstanding products of the Maccaferri application range. Among many other uses, gabion walls can be utilized as facades. For instance, gabion walls can be secured to the back of structural walls or steel frameworks. The cladding is typically a thin veneer that can be 40 cm thick (depending on structural conditions) and is secured back to its particular building using suitable fixing mechanisms.

Gabions can also be used as a column supported façade. In this case, gabion walls can be secured to steel framed buildings, and they can be supported intermittently with additional columns, where no structural supporting wall is available.

Stability is achieved within free standing walls by the mass of the structure. The design is based on wind loadings and any other horizontally applied loads. They can be formatted as:

  • Vertical faced gabion walls
  • Vertical on one face, inclined on other face
  • Inclined on both faces

When gabions are used for fencing, stability is achieved via posts or columns that are embedded into the gabion. The design is based on wind loadings and any other horizontally applied loads.

To summarize, as demonstrated above, there are numerous uses in the architectural world for these modular units. Although the typical use for gabions is to form retaining walls, channel linings, hydraulic control structures and erosion protection, today they are increasingly being used in the architectural sector for aesthetic, acoustic and screening purposes.

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