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The “Engineering Your Career” program helps explains how Maccaferri’s products are made and applied

Maccaferri School Program

Students and Teachers are given the chance to visit Maccaferri’s production plant and learn and satisfy their curiosity about DT products and Geosynthetics, among other things

The “Engineering Your Career” program allows students and teachers to visit Maccaferri’s production plant and learn from the expertise and technological know-how of the company’s engineers. Since its release in April, the program has attracted a series of local schools.

Sharing is caring. As a company, Maccaferri places great value on its corporate social responsibility (CSR). To benefit society through knowledge and expertise is paramount for a business that wishes have a positive lasting impact.

To share one’s knowledge with younger generations leads to the steady growth of a subject. It is in this spirit that Maccaferri Mexico launched the “Engineering Your Career” program. This initiative was released last April. Since then, several school visits to corporate and production facility located in the Queretaro Industrial Park have been organized.

Maccaferri received 476 among students and teachers, from schools that belong to public and private sector, covering 6 states in the country.

Our rockfall specialist Melissa Miuzzi held a presentation during the tour, in which she explained that Maccaferri helps provide amongst the most effective solutions in geotechnics (retaining walls and soil reinforment), hydraulics (river training, dams, erosion control), rockfall (netting, barriers, embankment and soil nailing), drainage systems, asphalt reinforcement, tunnel construction and coastal protection.

The purpose of both visits to the plant was to share and explain the production process of DT products and the company’s national and international history.

All visitors received information and gadgets from the visit.

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