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Draining Solutions: MacDrain® Range Makes All the Difference


MacDrain® range is the technical revolution on drainage systems that can replace traditional solutions by offering faster installation, quantifiable performance and construction cost savings

The MacDrain® range comprises a group of geocomposites made from a plastic drainage core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile, on one or both sides, or to a waterproofing layer on one side. These materials can provide different core functions: filtration, drainage, separation, barrier and protection. Lab tests show great performance and high-quality manufacturing. The MacDrain® range means innovation and it can replace traditional drainage solutions by offering faster installation, measurable performance and considerable savings in construction cost.

Our range devoted to drainage solutions is MacDrain®. This range includes a group of geocomposites made from a plastic drainage core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile, on one or both sides, or to a waterproofing layer, on one side.

The excess of water in the soil can weaken civil engineering structures and infrastructures causing numerous problems behind retaining walls and beneath highways, inside tunnels or within slopes. It is important to handle these structural issues because of the long-term impact they could have on the performance of the structures.

So, why using our MacDrain® range to deal with water issues in construction projects?

Among the many reasons that suggest the use of our products in place of traditional drainage with sand and gravel, the following can be considered the most important:

MacDrain® means economic and environmental advantages resulting in large cost reductions compared to mineral draining fills. Construction time is, in fact, significantly reduced. Moreover, there is practically no wastage and there is no need to discharge materials in landfills, which has a very positive impact on the environment.

MacDrain® means technical innovation since using it in place of a traditional solution is often the only possibility as for steep slopes on which the mineral natural layer is not stable. In addition, it can be customized by developing very specialized and selected composite to fit any technical/functional requirement.

MacDrain® means an easy and quick installation process our geocomposites are light and easy to handle, thus the time and the manpower needed to install MacDrain® are reduced. For instance, a single worker can handle one MacDrain® roll of 2 m width. And, there is no need for specialized workers or specific installation tools.

MacDrain® means guaranteed performances since the draining capacity of MacDrain® geocomposites is assessed by lab tests under all conditions of use and geocomposites performance is guaranteed by strict quality control practices.

In addition, our MacDrain® range stands out for the different customizable systems that we can offer you since our geocomposites can be manufactured with different draining cores fit for any drainage issue.

If you have an ongoing project, please contact us. We will find the right innovative solution to support you!

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