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Maccaferri’s mining solutions making mines safer and efficient


Large mine dimensions is not a negative factor anymore, as innovative and efficient solutions improve safety and sustainability of mining structures, thus achieving economies of scale

Mining facilities are, still today, a strong asset for a country’s economy. They provide jobs, materials and contribute to the demand of technological solutions in order to keep the mines safe, the environment intact and employees healthy.

Mines also need the continuous contribution of many professionals: engineers and geologists are constantly engaged in order to make the structure efficient and profitable as well as a safe working environment for miners, truck drivers, etc.

A haul truck, for instance, when loaded can weigh as much as 500t and its enormous tyres can cost US$50,000 each. Investments into mining therefore need to be safeguarded. For example, such a truck needs to load and unload tons of materials on safe and steady ground. Here different solutions come into play, helping site engineers designing a long lasting facility.

“Maccaferri’s range of mining solutions perfectly fits into this demanding sector”, as Maccaferri’s Massimo Ciarla recalled at a site visit in Nevada, held during the 2016 Elko Mining Expo.

Our products make mines productive, safe and sustainable. These goals are achieved through implementation of green, efficient and budget-friendly solutions. The result is that the dimension of a mine is not a negative factor anymore, as it is today possible to increase scale economies while keeping structures safe and maintenance costs at an optimal level.

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