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Terramesh contributes to the Cerro Verde mine expansion

With a bold project to increase the mineral processing from 120 tons/day (t/d) to 360,000 t/d, the copper and molybdenum mining complex known as Cerro Verde received investments of $ 5.6 million. Located in Arequipa, Peru, the opening of the plant was held on 23 May 2016, with the participation of the country’s authorities.

The project placed Cerro Verde among the world’s largest copper producers and extended its useful life until 2027. To achieve this new level of output, the expansion project required containment and stabilisation in various areas of the new plant, which included the main flow breaker and flow routes, among others.

The consultant company Fluor Canada Ltd. noted that the execution of walls in reinforced soil based on the Terramesh system with MacGrid geogrids and combined with steel structures, it was possible to meet the demand for construction of four tunnels required for the heavy truck traffic. The project also required the nonwoven MacTex geotextile. The expansion work used more than 30 tons of Terramesh, 20,138 m² MacGrid and 3,471 m² MacTex.

The Terramesh is set apart due to its combination of steel reinforcement in a double-twisted hexagonal mesh associated with a front face consisting of gabions, both formed by a single textile, forming the reinforcement, the base, the face and gabion cover manufactured with wires in low carbon steel wires coated with Galfan alloy, with high tensile resistance to low elongation levels. It allows for construction in situations with stepped external (slightly inclined to 6) or totally vertical parameters.

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