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MacSport installed at Stadium A. Pinto in Caserta


Our 2in1 revolutionary geocomposite MacSport combines drainage-enhancing action with shock absorption functions.

MacSport is a multilayer geocomposite specifically designed for the drainage system beneath synthetic turf pitches. MacSport is fully compliant with FIFA requirements and with FIGC LND Regulations (Italian National Amateur League) being tested according to the most advanced and international recognized standards.

MacSport is quick and easy to install: rolls are extremely practical and easy to handle, reducing both installation activities and time. These features were very appreciated by Limonta Sport, the manufacturer and installer of the artificial turf system installed in Caserta.

Maccaferri’s drainage geocomposites are covered by certified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

Have a look at MacSport Installation video:



How is MacSport composed?


Nonwoven geotextile

Developed to act as a filter, it allows water from the artificial turf to easily enter the double Geomat core, enhancing the drainage along the plane of the geosynthetic and providing faster and easier drainage performance.

Double core of M-shaped Geomat

Designed to maximise drainage performance and minimize the risk of injuries to players by decreasing the constant force and shock applied to the body when running and striking the ground.

Nonwoven geotextiles / Geomembrane

Engineered to accomodate horizontal and vertical drainage functions; it can be provided either with permeable nonwoven geotextile or impermeable geomembrane in order to meet clients’ requirements.


MacSport benefits


Quick & easy to install: rolls are higly functional

Full compliance with FIFA requirements: international recognized standards

Cost-effective: better performance means project costs reduction

Environmental friendly: 100% recyclable and minimizing carbon footprint



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