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MacDrain Drainage Geocomposite makes green roofing possible in Rio de Janeiro.

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Maccaferri’s Sustainable MacDrain Geocomposite solution is installed into a project consisting of 6500m² of terraces and structures.

A project in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro employed 6500 m² of green coverage on the terraces of two towers, designed according to the triple-A standard of excellence. Maccaferri Brazil was contracted to deliver drainage solutions specifically designed for the project. The roofing applied onto the new office buildings were conceived by the standard triple-A—considered to be the product with the greatest level of excellence in the categories of technology and sustainability. The standard triple-A meets the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The implementation of green roofs or eco-roofing ecotelhado”, not only contributes to obtaining certification, but also reduces heat islands, provides thermal insulation, and energy conservation, as well as improvements in the efficiency of drainage systems, water quality, and acoustic performance.

Due to its technical efficiency and low environmental impact, Maccaferri’s Macdrain geocomposite was chosen as a solution for the drainage of gardens. The geocomposite used is customized for each drainage system. It is characterized by its high flow capacity, lightweight, waterproof protection against possible mechanical damages, reduction in overhead structure, enabling increased soil thickness, which benefits the vegetation found at the site.

The MacDrain used in this project has a draining core constructed out of polypropylene filaments, thermo-welded to a non-woven geotextile made of polyester at all touch points. The economic advantage is another benefit of this solution. Installation is practical and comfortable; it is just placed between the structure and the vegetation cover.

More information about the construction method of this project is contained in the edition number 65 of the Fundações & Obras Geotécnicas [Geotechnical Foundations & Works] magazine in the Geosynthetics section. The article by Camyla de Oliveira and Fernando Pereira, engineers on the Maccaferri team, also offers a comparison of efficiency between conventional drainage systems and geocomposites.

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