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Maccaferri will attend EuroGeo 6 with specific analysis about large rodent protection systems.


A detailed study will summarize the state of the art reached by Officine Maccaferri in the protection of dykes and banks against the increasing rodent population

The population of beavers and other large rodents in vast regions of central Europe has increased over the last 15 years. Unfortunately this brought considerable damage on large rivers along dykes and earthworks in the floodplain areas, leading to an increased risk of bank failures.

Fortunately, Maccaferri engineered solutions aimed at safeguarding the banks while preserving mammals population, endeavour to achieve an optimal result in terms of environmental protection. Using composite erosion control systems with polymer coated steel wire net (as flexible reinforcement component) and geosynthetics (to promote vegetation growth), an effective long term barrier against the intrusion of mammals is achieved, discouraging them from digging inside the core of the dyke.

Maccaferri performed an analysis of the sensitive areas which need to be protected and defined the characteristics of these interventions (length, shape, escape ways, population areas, etc). The study will  be presented at EuroGeo6, at Ljubljana, Slovenia., 25-28 September 2016, and will give further details about several additional benefits when using polymer steel nets along dykes, such as:

  • high and durable erosion protection in overflow/runoff areas;
  • fast and effective vegetation growth (increasing stability);
  • surface protection against ice impacts (in northern regions);
  • ease of installation, maintenance;
  • ability to conform to irregular shapes of the slope.

This work will present the positive outcome of case studies along the dykes in Germany, Austria and in Italy.

For more technical information, please contact us or better still, visit our presentation at EuroGeo 6 in Ljubljana this September!

For more information, please contact us.

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