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Maccaferri rockfall solutions secure renowned Hindu site

Maccaferri rockfall solutions secure renowned Hindu site

Saptashrungi temple now safe for pilgrimage after Maccaferri’s intervention.

The Saptashrungi gadh is located in the East-West range of the Sahyadri Mountains, approximately 65 km from the city of Nasik. It is one of the most visited religious places for pilgrims coming from neighbourhood states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.  Every day, approximately 3000 pilgrims pay a tribute to this holy place. The site is also a primary destination for pilgrims during the traditional Chaitrotsav (the Chaitra festival).

As the temple is situated on the top of the mountain, the Public Works Department of Maharashtra opted for a funicular trolley to take the devotees from the bottom of the mountain to the site. However, after examining the location, it was clear that the temple and the area chosen for the funicular, in front of the cliff, could be affected by serious rockfall from adjacent hill slopes. Therefore it became necessary to protect the temple against rockfall by providing suitable engineering measures.

The height of cliff to be protected is about 200 meters from the road level. Considering the existing issue, rockfall protection solutions were proposed to be carried out above and around the station area.

Maccaferri’s rockfall netting, the High Energy Absorption (HEA) Panels, and Steel Geocomposite Mesh with long nails were provided in the phase 1 of the project.

Phase 2 is currently in progress: Dynamic Barrier is being installed, and it is the first time that Maccaferri delivers such a product in India. Two lines of rockfall barriers are being installed: first line is approximately 25 meters above the temple (for a stretch length of approximately 70 meters) and a second line is approximately 30 meters above the Parikrama Path, the path leading towards the temple, used by Pilgrims, for a stretch of approximately 80 meters.

The rest of the slope area above temple location shall be covered with rockfall netting called High Energy Absorption (HEA) Panels and Steel Geocomposite Mesh and long nails. This set of interventions will soon be completed. An extremely important fact for pilgrims who will be from now on safe during their religious excursions.

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