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Maccaferri participates in European Commission-led organization evaluation


New regulatory framework asked for a deep assessment of EOTA’s capabilities and delivery capacity

In 2013 the new products regulation stepped in. Now manufacturers take responsibility for the conformity of the product. Manufacturers need to provide a Declaration of Performance for products which have to be previously covered by European Technical Assessment. This highlights the role of EOTA, European Organization for Technical Assessment.

The European regulation framework in the construction sector changed significantly in the recent years. The most innovative and critical innovation concerns the replacement of the “Construction Products Regulations” with the “Construction Products Directive”.

Among key innovations, now manufacturers bear responsibility for the conformity of the products, since they need to provide a Declaration of Performance. EOTA, the Organization which coordinates European Assessment Bodies, gets therefore an essential role as it adopts Technical Assessments Documents before the Declaration of Performance is released by the manufacturer.

EOTA coordinates the development of test procedures, making best use of its members’ expertise, coordinating implementation of procedures and making sure that best practices are shared with member States and key stakeholders. Being the fulcrum of knowledge within the construction sector, EOTA is central in the industry.

With new regulation and increasingly EOTA’s relevance, the Directorate General – Growth set up a study in order to gather key stakeholders’ opinion about the current state of the decisional processes in the construction sector. The study was contracted to an external consortium of three companies: BRE, Ecorys and Vito.

The evaluation project was launched in May 2016, and Officine Maccaferri has been involved as one of the main stakeholders of the construction sector.

Moreover, Maccaferri has been recently invited to the validation workshop, organized in the context of the supporting study for the evaluation of the European Organization for Technical Assessment’s tasks.

The purpose of the Workshop was to involve again stakeholders of the construction sector in testing with them the preliminary findings and conclusions of the study. Focusing on the key issues identified and giving participants the opportunity to provide their feed-back.

Daniela Gamberini, Maccaferri’s Certifications, Technical Standards & Design Corporate Specialist, proudly took part to the workshop on behalf of Maccaferri. As a fundamental part of Officine Maccaferri’s development strategies, collaborating with and supporting public institutions is a priority in order to contribute to the progress of the entire civil engineering world.

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