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Maccaferri Middle East won the GeoME Awards 2015

Maccaferri Middle East won the GeoME Awards 2015 - Maccaferri Corporate

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Maccaferri Middle East won the 1st annual GeoME Awards 2015 for the category “Best Geosynthetics Project”.

The award was presented at the 7th International Conference and Exhibition Geosynthetics Middle East 2015 for the “32m high ParaMesh Retaining wall in Al Jais Mountain, Ras Al Khaimah”.

The road covers 36km, which rises in height to 1700m (5577 feet), and runs through mountainous countryside in the Northern Emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.

Plans to transform the area into a tourist spot meant a mass-gravity retaining structure was required to enable construction works to be carried out. The Maccaferri solution selected was a combination of ParaMesh soil reinforcement technology, combined with our Terramesh System (as facia & secondary reinforcement) and high strength geogrids as primary soil reinforcement. Among the benefits our solution offered over more traditional forms of embankment construction or other types of retaining walls were environmental friendliness, aesthetics, and reduced carbon foot print emissions etc.

The innovative ParaMesh system also allows material of up to 20cm in size to be used as backfill material due to increased vertical spacing between the ParaLink layers and high quality polyethylene coating which resulted in considerable cost savings in the project.

All these factors made our solution very attractive to the client.

It is also important to mention the seismic resilience of the ParaMesh system in the wake of a catastrophic seismic event, which is possible by the locations close proximity to Iran, the epicentre of many recent earth quakes in the region.

Click here to see the winner project video.

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