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Maccaferri Deutschland devises a new user-friendly PVC coated beaver-netting solution

Beaver netting

Maccaferri Deutschland invents a user-friendly Beaver-Netting

In light of the recent surge in the beaver population in Europe Maccaferri created a user-friendly Beaver-Netting with Extruded Erosion Control Mat MacMat R Steel solution to protect embankment and dyke structures.

Throughout the past years, the population of beavers and other rodents has increased alarmingly. The animal’s ability to build underground tunnels endangers human-made embankments and dyke construction works.

Various long-term studies have proven that beaver netting made out of steel mesh ensure sustainable induration, and therefore enable a long-term protection of the relevant infrastructures.

The Maccaferri Deutschland team has worked diligently to create a user-friendly PVC coated netting known as Beaver-Netting with Extruded Erosion Control Mat MacMat R Steel, designed to stop beavers and other rodents from damaging embankments and dyke construction works.

The product can also be used for (1) erosion control (2) vegetation Assistance, (3) overtopping (4) ice-protection railings (5) water damage and flooding protection systems.

The PVC coated beaver netting also has the benefit of being highly flexible, easily maintainable and user-friendly.

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