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Maccaferri China donation to help Italian hospital in the fight against Covid-19

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The generosity of Maccaferri China employees and their families made the donation possible

As it’s sadly known, Italy is among the countries most stricken by the coronavirus; it has reached more than 100,000 coronavirus cases, the highest rate in Europe since the start of the emergency. The outbreak is particularly severe in northern Italy, where Maccaferri worldwide HQ is located, and unfortunately, but it has rapidly spread across the rest of the country.

As nations close down their borders to face this unprecedented challenge, examples of solidarity are emerging across the globe. Many countries including Cuba, China, Germany, and Russia have dispatched doctors and supplies to help the overwhelmed Italian medical system.
We at Maccaferri were happy and moved to see this solidarity among countries taking place inside our company.

Last Friday, a shipment containing 12.000 surgical masks and 700 protective medical uniforms left our Changsha plant in China. The medical equipment was sent to Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna (home to our HQ), one of the hospitals in the city that are fighting against Covid-19.
The shipment was made possible thanks to donations collected in record time from Maccaferri China employees and their families. The Italian Embassy in Beijing also collaborated to guarantee delivery in the shortest time possible.

In this time of greatest need, every small gesture counts: we extend our sincere thanks to all those who made this contribution possible.

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