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Maccaferri Brazil mitigates erosion and flooding damage with its geotextile products


The MacTex H geotextile provided the ideal solution for a construction work alongside the Highway Planalto Sul – Rio da Lança, Brazil

The Autopista Planalto Sul [the Planalto Sul Highway], belonging to Grupo Arteris, has been responsible, since 2008, for a 412.7 km stretch of the BR-116 highway. The road was constructed between the 1940’s and 1950’s. The erecting of the highway occurred as a result of the concession for the modernization and improvement of services available to it involving investments of R$ 1.9 billion.

The grant includes 17 municipalities alongside the road network between Curitiba (Paraná), and Capão Alto, the border of Santa Catarina with the Rio Grande do Sul.
Mafra is included among the municipalities where the concession passes. Mafra is a Brazilian city in the highlands of the state of Santa Catarina. This state is known for its smooth, nearly flat surface area.
Its history is deeply connected to the Rio [River] Negro, in Paraná, because, after the alteration of certain borders between the two states, the two cities served as part of a single municipality. Other rivers flowing into Rio Nego are Rio Negrinho, Rio da Lariça (the largest river which is fully part of Rio Mafra), Rio Negrinho [sic], Rio São Lourenco, Rio Ribeirãozinho, Rio Butiá and Rio São João, the latter on the border with the municipality of Três Barras.

Grupo Arteris sought various solutions to mitigate constant challenges including floods and the resulting erosion in the headwaters of the bridges in the region of the Grupo Arteris Concession (one of the largest companies of the highway concession sector in Brazil regarding kilometers). This was particularly so in the Santa Caterina section, where there exists a significant concern regarding backfills in the bridge support areas. As a result of this, the best solution for each specific bridge is being studied, with an eye towards judging the best adaptation to the environment, efficiency, and cost of the solution.

The recovery of the support structures from Km 002+240, in the city of Mafra, along Rio da Lança, was one of the works that had the purpose of remedying these problems alongside the BR 116/SC. The solution adopted was designed to protect and contain the border via Maccaferri’s gabions, Reno mattresses, and MacTex H geotextiles. The Engineers Ramon Luis Cavilha, from Maccaferri, and Alex Savaris, from Arteris, participated continuously in the progress of the project.

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in this extraordinary project, and thank Arteris for their reliability and credibility.

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