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Maccaferri at the 47th Annual Drainage Engineers Conference

Maccaferri at the 47th Annual Drainage Engineers Conference

Maccaferri at 47th Annual Drainage Engineers Conference

From the 22th to the 23 of October Maccaferri exhibited at the 47th Annual Drainage Engineers Conference in Guelph  in southwestern Ontario, Canada

The main topics that have be touched during the Conference were:

  • Use of the Rural Stormwater Management Model for Drainage Projects
  • State of Climate Change Modelling and Impacts on Highway Drainage Infrastructure
  • Resilience and the Management of Fish Habitat in Agricultural Landscapes: Drain maintenance alters habitat but not fish assemblages
  • Drainage and the Endangered Species Act
  • Optimizing Water & Sediment Control Basin Design for Drainage and Water Quality Improvement

Our  Engeneris were there to  share their experiences and offer guidance on interesting and challenging drainage projects carried out by Maccaferri.

Has been a chance for visitors to see the complete range of Maccaferri applications for drainage of structures.

Our MacDrain® is projected to replace traditional gravel drains; this not only reduces the cost of the drainage system, but reduces the need for quarried materials and polluting truck movements needed to deliver those drainage stone to project sites.

For more details about the  Annual Drainage Engineers Conference 2015, click here

For fruther information about our presence to the Annual Drainage Engineers Conference or to be better adive on Maccaferri drainage of structures’ applications, please don’t hesitate to contact our Maccaferri subsidiary in Canada.

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