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Life-Innoprowire: let’s keep on

Life-Innoprowire: let’s begin - Maccaferri Corporate

The first training day of the European “Life-Innoprowire” Project will take place on Thursday November 26th.

The project’s partners are Officine Maccaferri, Samp S.p.A. and Radici Group.

The event will take place at Bentivoglio (Bologna) in the HeadQuarter facility of Samp S.p.A. where the partners will welcome professors and students of the Bologna University.

This is the day schedule:

  • Introduction: role and goal of Samp S.p.A. and Officine Maccaferri.
  • Introduction of the attendees from the Scuola di Ingegneria (Engineering Faculty), degree course for “Chemical and Process Engeneering”.
  • Radici Group: commitment to environmental sustainability, the contribute of recycling polyamide for compounds with low environmental impact. Green certification for Radilon and Heramid.
  • “Life-Innoprowire” project: polymeric materials and industrial technologies.
  • Presentation of the industrial production lines and introduction of the technological processes.

Life-Innoprowire wants to contributes to the sustainable innovation process. This is fully “made in Italy” pilot project and it has been funded by the ECC for the LIFE+ program, the European backing tool focused on environment protection.

Life-Innoprowire aims to design an innovative process, having a lower environment impact, to produce steel extruded wires for the realization of protective and restraint structures realized with metallic mesh.

The innovative side of the project, with a sustainable goal, consists of the use of polyamide based polymers, as a viable alternative to PVC, as coating.

The goal of the three industrial partners involved in the project could be summarized in this way:

  • Officine Maccaferri means to pursue the development of double twisted metallic mesh more and more environmentally friendly.
  • Samp S.p.A. wants to exploit its own industrial know-how in the wire area, with a special focus on reducing the energy consumption for the production lines, which Samp personally design and develop. And to get this goal also thanks to the use of drivers for the smart control of the electric motors.
  • Radici Group is determined to invest in new application for polyamides designed to be environmentally friendly.

For further information on Life-Innoprowire please visit the website of the project.

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