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Let’s have a chat with Moiza Shah


We interviewed Moiza Shah, Head of Marketing ISEAP, who explores with us the opportunities offered by working in the marketing sector.

Hi Moiza, tell us a bit about yourself, which is your current role in Maccaferri?

I have just entered my seventh year at Maccaferri. I started my professional career at Maccaferri in the India Business Intelligence unit, and then I moved to being part of the global corporate marketing team where I was involved in the CRM implementation projects for the ISEAP region and, subsequent to that, I have taken up the responsibility of leading the Marketing function for the entire region. I have twenty years of work experience across the Middle East and Asia markets, backed by a degree in Finance and MBA. In addition, I obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Prince 2 Agile certifications, which are the world’s leading project management certifications, and I am also a certified business analyst, having recently obtained by Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification.

What motivated you to join Maccaferri and what has your growth path been like?

I am very passionate about contributing positively to growth-oriented change initiatives and hence have always worked in the marketing function of an organization. I chose to study Finance because I was pretty good with numbers, but after graduating I realized that I could nurture both the creative and rational side and continuously learn and evolve by being in marketing rather than just focusing on maths. I started exploring the concept of becoming a “financial marketer”, to be able to quantify the marketing efforts as much as possible while staying focused on the investment returns to the business. I began my career in the Oil&Gas sector, then I worked for a diversified manufacturer company. Infrastructure has always been part of my career path as I have always been driven by the industry’s dynamic nature and growth projections, but Maccaferri represented a turning point for my career path, since the Group sustained my development by offering me challenging opportunities that expanded my horizons and were not only fantastic learning experiences but motivated me to learn new skills and hence allowed me to grow in my area of expertise.

As head of the Marketing department, how is your typical day?

There is no typical day actually as a marketer can expect no day to look exactly the same every day! I usually start my working day aligning with the team to discuss and prioritize the activities. I strongly believe in working in “sprints”, which is a staple of agile marketing that helps the team to achieve more in shorter time by focusing on the goals we need to complete and putting all the energy in accomplishing them. Moreover, as a regional manager, I am actively involved in engaging and aligning with cross-border and cross-functional teams and supporting their needs. Being in marketing, we work closely with external service agencies as well and hence I dedicate some time of the day for briefing and review sessions with them.

What do you suggest to young talents wanting to pursue a similar career path?

Marketing is a very dynamic function and a marketer’s career is often a constantly evolving role, so I believe that the most important skills are to be very adaptive and flexible. This “adaptive” characteristic needs to become a second nature for marketers since marketing is a value-added function. We usually collaborate with a lot of cross-functional teams and external stakeholders, who are all a part of our target audience. Our aim should be to make communications as coherent and effective as possible and, in order to achieve it, you need to be open-minded, be able to listen and understand many points of view and then translate those inputs into executable strategies.

Finally, I strongly believe it is fundamental for marketers to have a data driven mind set and back this up with the right technology tools to obtain actionable insights on the business and customers.

What are the future challenges of your department?

The main challenge I see for the future, also considering the impact of the pandemic, is to start embracing more of the cultural influences on marketing strategies. Cultural values can vary within a country. As marketers, our work entails us to interact with a diverse multicultural stakeholder set, and hence we need to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity as a second nature and incorporate this aspect in our approach and practices.

Secondly, we have to be aware that technology has opened up a host of digital communication channels and with more and more businesses moving into the digital marketing space, we will be up against global competition who would be targeting the same audience from anywhere in the world. As technology has shorten distances, we also need to be very conscious about what and how we choose to communicate.

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