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Latest Maccaferri hydraulic works projects in China


Maccaferri has recently been awarded 3 significant hydraulic works projects in China worth a total of €6M

The works include the protection of river banks from hydraulic erosion through the use of our Reno Mattresses and sack gabions.

The projects have been secured through the technical service and solutions provided by Maccaferri team in China. Designed and installed correctly, accaferri’s products prevent the erosion of valuable land, whether arable or within urban areas. A secondary environmental benefit is that limiting erosion also limits the amount of suspended soil material within the watercourse which left to continue causes the gradual stagnation of the river ecology.

The Reno Mattresses and Sack Gabions are placed either on the banks or in other cases, fully lining the river channel, and they prevent the forces of the water from eroding the soils from the river banks. We look forward to sharing more details of these projects with you in the future.

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