Maccaferri MacWall® is a segmental blockwork retaining wall system combining the aesthetics of masonry walls with the engineered reassurance of reinforced earth. Segmental block retaining walls (“SRW”s) are increasing in popularity due to their ease of construction, cost-effectiveness and versatility.

The two components of the MacWall® system are:
– Split face concrete modular block in a range of colours to suit adjacent structures and environments
– Reinforcement Paragrid® geogrids sandwiched between the courses of block

The Paragrid® geogrids are placed horizontally within the structural backfill to the wall, providing tensile strength and reinforcing the soil mass. The grids also tie the fascia blocks to the reinforced soil.

MacWall® easily incorporates curves, corners and steps and being dry-built (without mortar), it is simple and rapid to construct in all climates.


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