Officine Maccaferri

Maccaferri Innovation Process

The birth of the M.I.C. is an integral part of an overall strategy: to focus on research, development and innovation.

The Center will also coordinate the activities of the Group’s specialist local R & D centers of exellence in Brazil, Malaysia, China and the UK.

Innovation Process Cycle

The R&D process cycle operated by the M.I.C. defines:

  • The interaction & collaboration between all Maccaferri affiliates & the M.I.C.;
  • The Governance of Research, Development & Innovation activities, projects and project requests;
  • The definition of the main authorities, relationships and responsibilities of every stakeholder involved.

Every member of the Maccaferri organization (M.I.C. and affiliates) can participate in the R&D process. Everyone inside the organization can create ideas and submit them to the R&D Process for consideration and analysis; we believe that great ideas can come from anywhere!

The Director of the M.I.C. is the main supervisor and responsible for all R&D processes and projects established and developed at the M.I.C. at every stage and through the project execution.

A Committee of Experts is the key institution and final evaluation body within the R&D process. Its members are responsible to assess, evaluate and validate or reject an R&D project proposal according to defined evaluation criteria.


Development of new or the improvement of existing products, using new materials or technologies. The aim is to make the products last longer, be used more efficiently and perform better.

Development of new or the improvement of existing solutions; applying existing materials in better or more efficient ways, introducing new materials to solve existing problems or developing new solutions to new problems. Observing problems on project sites can lead to innovation and new ways to overcome our clients’ challenges.

Improvements in our manufacturing infrastructure through new equipment, processes and controls. Producing better products in more efficient ways translates into better value for our clients.

With our foundations in engineering support and service, we also develop software to enable our engineers and our key clients to design solutions. We have numerous software packages to design many of our solutions including; reinforced soil slopes, Rockfall protection systems, retaining walls and hydraulic works to name a few.

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