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Inauguration of the new CUBIROC (prefilled gabions) manufacturing unit developed by Maccaferri


New process of a Cubiroc manufacturing unit

The Cubiroc manufacturing unit is the latest generation of efficient and environmental gabion filling solutions. On September 28th partners and clients inaugurated the Cubiroc manufacturing unit at a mining jobsite.

For the past 10 years, France Maccaferri has developed, manufactured and marketed prefilled gabions known as Cubiroc, which is mainly used for emergency applications or when jobsite access is difficult. In comparison with traditional gabions which are filled in place on the job site, Cubiroc units are prefilled elsewhere and then transported to the project site ready for immediate deployment into the works.

This dramatically reduces the time on site, especially useful in hydraulic works, or in projects where a short construction window is available, like railway works. During the last decade, the Cubiroc manufacturing process has evolved a lot and the latest Cubiroc prefilled gabions represent a new generation of Gabions for Maccaferri.

The main goal for the development of a Cubiroc manufacturing unit was to obtain a product that is both esthetic and cost effective. The MIC (Maccaferri Innovation Center), founded by the Officine Maccaferri group in 2015, was asked to participate in the design and the development process of a machine that is able to produce both double twisted or welded mesh prefilled gabions.

Given this goal, a gabion cubiroc manufacturing unit was developed with the following two targets in mind:

  • simultaneous mechanical filling of two Cubiroc units and vibro-compacting to avoid settlement of the stones during transportation to the jobsite
  • reduction of manufacturing costs

Several facilities had to be installed prior to the installation of the unit in a quarry: a concrete slab for the compaction unit and an access ramp to the hopper retained by a Terramesh system wall. Both were installed by Maccaferri Teams. On September 28th, the machine was inaugurated in the presence of partners and clients. The productivity of the machine is 160m3 per day for a team of 5 persons.

Ultimately, the Cubiroc prefilled gabions manufacturing unit significantly reduces installation time. For many mining and other projects requiring rapid installation, this latest form of pre-filled gabion revolutionizes construction.

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