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Maccaferri India uses Geotextile tubes to protect India’s Coasts

Geotextile Tubes

Geotextile tubes offer the ideal erosion mitigation solution as they are environmental friendly
and flexible in nature.

The safety of the environment and civilians has long been a primary focus of Maccaferri. Large bodies of water including seas, oceans, river basins and lakes are often exposed to challenges—both man-made and natural. Erosion is often a primary culprit that leads to the destruction of coastlines. Maccaferri has long recognized the harmful effects of erosion and has therefore developed an array of mitigation measures including a range of

  • dewatering
  • coastal and marine engineering applications geotextile tubes.

Maccaferri’s Geotextile MacTube was developed for coastal and marine engineering applications and is used in the construction of sea defenses, dune reconstruction, breakwaters, and groynes. Their size is varied depending on the needs of the project.

Maccaferri range of dewatering MacTubes is tubular geotextile containers that are used to increase the efficiency of the dewatering of slurries. They enable the on-site treatment of a wide variety of both natural and contaminated fluid sludges.

Two recent case studies aptly exemplify the use of geotextile tube products, and how such products can be used to both salvage the environment and prevent potential harmful circumstances.

1. The Mirya Bay is located on the West Coast in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. The Beach situated at the Northern Part of the Bay had suffered to severe erosion and consequently accretion happened in the southern part at Mirkarwada Bandar. In light of this query, Maccaferri used MacTubes and Geomats to combat erosion and save the bay from losing its precious beach. The MacTubes and Geomats were utilized by the Maccaferri team to construct a Multipurpose Submerged Geotextile Reef measuring 255 m in length. It was formed by installing sand filled Geotextiles and containers on the seabed under water.

2. The Multipurpose Reef was divided down into eight different sections. Ultimately the structure was quickly fixed. It is monolithic, versatile and flexible in nature and has managed to aid beach formation and prevent erosion. The Petronet LNG Ltd. Coastal protection work showcases how MacTubes and MacBags can be used to reduce the siltation at a trestle location. The combination of both solutions is a sustainable and Eco-friendly system that is both aesthetically pleasing and easily installed.

It too is monolithic, versatile and flexible in nature, thus making it ideal for installation in choppy conditions. The work was completed in 2015 and included the construction of a beach Protection Bund, a Groyne and extension of existing rubble mound Breakwater.

For more technical information about this last one project described, please download the full case histories.

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