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Terramesh® system and ParaLink® as embankment at Seti river, Nepal


Economical Solution for Faster Construction Compared to Conventional Solutions

Seti River flows in a narrow gorge in Pokhara Metropolitan City. An existing old bridge needed to be replaced to continue the connection between Phulbari and Nadipur. Maccaferri’s flexible solutions were implemented as the available Right of Way is almost vertical slope to reach the maximum height of 11.5 meters.

In November 2018, Department of Road (Bridge Unit), Nepal decided to construct a bridge across Seti river in Pokhara, Nepal which connects village Phulbari and Nadipur. Seti River flows in a narrow gorge in Pokhara Metropolitan City.

Due to difference in elevation on both side of bridge, embankment of 11.5 meters height was constructed on Phulbari side of the bridge which connects Nadipur. The available Right of Way (RoW) required an almost vertical slope, hence reinforced soil wall solution was implemented. The job was awarded to the joint venture of M/S Hirachan-Muktinath on BOOT (Build-own-operate-transfer) model.

Maccaferri sustainable flexible solution Paramesh were implemented to construct embankment with Terramesh® system and Paralink® reinforcement. Paramesh is economical solution and faster to construct compared to conventional solutions. MacTex® geotextile was used for separation and filtration at the backside of the Terramesh®. MacDrain® geocomposite was installed as drainage layer. Maccaferri MacStars software was used as a design tool for analyzing the stability of retaining wall.

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