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Maccaferri presents Terramesh & Gabion products at the 6th Asian Mining Congress & Exhibition

INDIA - Singrauli

Gabion and Terramesh system showcased by Maccaferri India during the 6th Asian Mining Congress & Exhibition.

From the 23rd to 27th of February Maccaferri presents its products at the 6th Asian Mining Congress & Exhibition in Kolkata. Asia is the world’s largest raw material producer. 10 billion tons of raw material are produced in Asia per year, accounting for 56% of global total mineral production.

The Asian Mining Congress and International Mining Exhibition, a biennial event organized by the Mining, Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India (MGMI) provides a forum for the miners, machinery manufacturers, planners and policy makers to discuss the various issues affecting the mining industry in Asia and other parts of the world.

For Maccaferri, the congress provided an unrivaled opportunity to showcase its products and create new client connections for future projects. Maccaferri presented two case studies on (1) a 120m high Over Dump Stabilization using Maccaferri Flexible Gabions as tiered walls in the Northern Coal Fields in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, and (2) a 22 m high Paramesh wall retaining solution for Ramp retention and Crusher walls at the Iron Mines for Thriveni Earth Developers.

In both case studies, Maccaferri installed Flexible Gabions as tiered walls to mitigate landslide, erosion and subsequent pollution damage caused by heavy precipitation during the monsoon season.

In the case of the prior event study, Maccaferri’s solution was executed as follows: the long slope was divided into stretches with berms in between. Gabion toe walls were placed at the toe of each slope section and measures were taken to promote vegetation. Moreover, a nonwoven geotextile was provided as filter and separator behind the Gabion walls. Additional French Drains at  3-5 m were proposed to ensure drainage and thus to prevent erosion. The mulching and natural jute blanket provided on slope prevent local erosion.Finally, a mulch and natural jute blanket on the slopes served to prevent local surface erosion and support vegetation establishment.

In the case of the latter case study, a 22 m high vertical Terramesh System reinforced soil wall was installed.

The design was carried out in –house by Maccaferri-India with the assistance of MacStars W software package using International Design Guidelines.

Both case studies exemplify how Maccaferri solutions can be applied to mitigate landslide and erosion complications in a quick, user-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

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