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Smart Cities and Urban Mobility in India: a challenge for the future


Indian government is facing its biggest challenge: a plan for tomorrow focused on Green Technology. A mission of civilization to protect the environment and improve citizens quality of life.

We are ethically engaged: new technologies for new ideas. Environmental protection is an essential factor for us and our solutions are conceived with a focus on preserving the environment and our communities for future generations. In India, Maccaferri could be part of a global plan of modernization to improve the infrastructure systems by involving smart construction technologies and design.

Green technology, urban mobility, smart cities, urban infrastructure: these are some of the terms to define the technological challenge that has been involving the Indian infrastructure systems. The infrastructure sector is a key driver for Indian economy, involved in fostering the country overall growth. For this reason, the local infrastructure development has enjoyed a strong focus by local authorities to start policies that would ensure the erection of world class infrastructure in the country. To give an account, the Government of India is expected to invest highly in the infrastructure sector, mainly highways, renewable energy and urban transport, prior to the general elections in 2019.

The reason of such a government involvement depends on the issues that have been originated by the Indian increase of urban population that in turn has led to a rapid increase in motorization. A situation of congestion that, together with the aging of the actual transportation systems, has been causing many road accidents – annual growth rate of 1.5% and an increase in energy consumption – Transport consumes 9% of total energy. This scenario depicts a degrading environment and India becomes the fourth largest CO2 emitting country.

Since we are ethically engaged, and we provide new technologies for new ideas, we can play a role in this transition. “While we are talking about technology and innovations, I think we cannot wish away the fact that we do need to build high quality physical infrastructure. Integrated planning lies at the centre of it. There could be innovations and disruptions not too far in the future, but we need to build the physical infrastructure to make the most of it and we need to embrace the best technologies available globally to make this happens.” Vikramjiet Roy, MD of Maccaferri India, said at the Smart Mobility Summit held in New Delhi last December.

Our innovative systems could offer solutions to the many issues that arise when creating a sustainable overall infrastructure. An example is our MacRes® MSE wall system for vertical soil reinforcement structures which has been used on projects worldwide for various applications such as bridges (wing walls and abutments), railways, highways, airports, quarries and other industrial areas. Our MacRes® system outperforms traditional reinforced concrete structures because it offers several benefits, including high resistance against corrosion and increased durability of all components, giving a project working life up to 120 years even in chemically aggressive soils. Moreover, it offers considerable construction cost savings thanks to its rapid deployment and installation as well as the possibility to use lower quality backfill in reinforced zone.

And, for reinforcement and stabilisation of road pavements, we can provide our range of innovative geogrids including MacGrid® EG, the most suitable product to improve the soil characteristic of the road base. This reinforcement placed within the unbound granular layer is suitable for controlling deformation and rutting, enabling the reduction of the layer thickness.

In sum, our solutions consist of a wide range of products that can be used in a major plan to modernise and revamp the Indian infrastructure system.

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